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Audit Log feature Enhancement

  • Audit log to capture the log when a local user is created in Therefore or added from Active Directory .

  • Permissions / changes in access control should be logged

  • Audit log Must include changes done on Category / Workflow and should provide drill down granular data on the changes and versions

  • Adhoc export of audit logs to PDF also should be supported

  • Sai Chander Reddy Mantheni
  • Feb 17 2021
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  • Sai Chander Reddy Mantheni commented
    3 May, 2021 02:27pm

    Hi, We have tried this by enabling the server logs to "Log Always" and still we dont see the logs of category or case created, change of permissions/roles. We have raised a support ticket and request for further support on this. #20142081

  • Thomas Nordin commented
    28 Apr, 2021 09:00am

    Logging on actions done by Administrators of the system would be extremely good also as this is on a rudimentary level today.