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Filtering referenced table using field defined in Category design

Some customers need to filter the list of data from the reference tables.

In particular, it would be very useful to be able to filter the list of reference tables using the contents of a category field.

This would make the system for using the reference tables much more dynamic and flexible.

Attached is an example of a possible configuration of the category.

  • Adriano Vertua
  • Sep 11 2020
  • In Development
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  • Josh Powley commented
    12 Apr 09:05am

    This feature would make significant UX improvements for Accounts Payable solutions in Therefore!

    It would be really great to see this earlier than the 2023 release of on-premise if possible.

  • Philip commented
    5 Apr 07:49am

    This is a function that I would urgently need for two projects. Often we need to pre-filter the cost center selection by business unit or even the selection of projects. Setting the filter manually each time has often led to errors.

  • Luke Dawson commented
    15 Mar, 2021 06:26am

    This would be particularly useful where multiple referenced tables are in use in the same category (both in the main Category fields as well as Line Item Tables) and each table shares a common dependent/referenced field that needs to be used as the filter.