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Create Document from Capture image and Compress upload image

Now, there is two way to upload document thru Therefore go.

Insert Document

Take a Picture

Suggest to add three feature for therefore go.

  1. build-in PDF scan (Please refer to mobile app - Adobe Scan), now my CPA customer want to upload customer document for audit purpose. I will suggest customer to use Adobe Scan to capture the image into a single PDF. then upload thru therefore go, (since there is few function, auto document correction, OCR pdf, size)

  2. build-in Image compression when upload image file, now my construction engineer want to upload the job reference photo to back office to build the further report, but each image is around 5MB. it consume their mobile data package, upload time, server storage and it is hard to educate the engineer or worker to change the camera setting each time. i could suggest to have a function to compress each photo in a batch size, e.g. control each picture compress to 300KB, now the customer will whatsapp the image to back office.

  3. refer to function 2, it will be great to have a landing page by predefined user group in therefore go. the landing page maybe just a internal eform to input some basic information and upload image with image compression function. since the construction engineer or worker mobile phone using skill may not that high in our region.

  • Ocean Wong
  • Apr 4 2020
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