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Improvements to permission administration via Role/Attribute Based Access Control

We would like to be able to set permissions based on a person's role within the company and/or other user or document attributes such as geographical location, document classification, the owner of the document, etc.

  • Product Innovation
  • Aug 14 2019
  • In Development
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  • Tasos Terlidis commented
    December 19, 2019 12:44

    I see this idea is under development, but because I have a customer asking about this I'd like to ask the dev team regarding what exactly are they planning to implement.

    For example, will  we be able to store a username in a hidden field inside the Index Data and then assign extra permissions based on this field? We have a workflow during which managers are approving some requests. We want to allow these managers to view the documents they've approved but NOT EVERY document.