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Compliance with Canadian General Standards Board on use of Therefore for Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence

Similar to Therefore's confirmation of conforming with the standards set forth by GDPR and VERS, we are hopeful that Therefore would consider evaluating the software to conform to the attached standard set forth by the Canadian Government's General Standards Board.

With many territory regions in Canada being subsidized by the Government, or working very closely to it, standards like these become very important. By having a confirmation of conformity (similar to the Ebner Stolz GDPR confirmation) we would be able to promote the usefulness of Therefore to manage documents for our customers in this manner.

I have attached the latest available copy of the standard to this ideas post.

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  • May 30 2019
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  • Francois Jean commented
    7 Sep, 2019 05:12pm

    In Quebec,

    We are currently in process to respond  for tenders for document management.

    This invitation to tender requires iso 27001 certification.

    We have a very short time to answer. If it were possible to have this certification, we would have a chance to propose the solution. Even though the solution is as high as 1000 for a certain period, I think it is worthwhile to evaluate this certification.

  • Thomas Whitton commented
    4 Jun, 2019 04:49pm

    Canada has very strict Personal information Protection requirements Through PIPEDA federally and provincially. on top of PIPEDA is a long list of requirements for electronic management of documentation. Projects, like this will make us successful in a relatively untapped market, that is struggling to find not only good solution, but an adaptable and client focused solution. 


    We can open up a plethora of business opportunities for Therefore in the Financial industry, which is certainly held by a monopoly of industry specific programs and these opportunities are long term, client and relationship building opportunities with tonnes of potential! It will allow us to be at the forefront of client security through document management. Handling one of the most security intensive industries will not only give additional opportunities, but open doors that have never been thought about as a possibility. 

    The buck doesn't stop with this area, it opens additional doors and help us solidify our endeavors with:

    • Investment management.
    • Mortgage / Real estate Brokering.
    • Government. 
    • Medical / Health Care 
    • Legal 
    • Any additional areas that require heightened security.
    • All the above within countries of similar regulatory environments. 


    What i am trying to wrap up here, is that with these types of confirmations, we are able to grow our business in diffierent directions. When i think about any job in the world, you need the right tools to do a job and when you look at a "document & Process management tool", having a document stating we follow the requirements of the country, gives us the tools that we need to ensure that our Clients are handled professionally and within the confines that they work in daily. 


    Therefore is about making life easier for our clients, lets be proactive instead of reactive on this one! Hopefully we can be at the forefront of the document digitization movement!

  • Thibault Dambrine commented
    31 May, 2019 10:31pm

    At time of writing, I have two distinct opportunities where customers requested compliance with Canadian General Standards Board for Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence. 

    For any potential customer that handle financial, accounting and legal documents, compliance with this standard will increase our chances of scoring a deal.