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Built in (Winforms/WPF) analytics dashboard

Analytics is an important aspect of any major enterprise scale application, it would be ideal if you could utilize an open source component such as LiveCharts or something similar to create a form/tab area where basic/generic display of some general activities may be undertaken. This data can be drawn from your SQL sources.

For example, you could display the most active categories, narrow down to the most updated files and other relevant information in chart form. You can also identify active users / least active users and make this information available for all users.

In a nutshell, I wanted to suggest a new form object on your existing UI with inbuilt graph components for generic reporting capabilities. You can easily integrate things like pie charts/barcharts etc into your own application. 

You can next work on exporting this data/content, but some rudimentary activity based analytics portion is important.


Santosh J. Dubey

  • Guest
  • Nov 16 2018
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