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Generic report template for counting documents within a category

 An administrator wants to be able to distribute reports that provide a count of how many documents are saved to a category within a certain time range. They should be able to filter the document count based on a keyword index field.

For example, they should be able to easily configure reports that provide the count of documents by selecting the following:

- Select Category (eg. Customer Claims) - mandatory

- Select timerange (eg. April 2018) - mandatory

- Select filter (eg. from a keyword list, filter documents in category by "Quality") - optional

- Option to compare to another time period (eg. April 2017) - optional

After selecting the above, a report should display the number of documents saved in April 2018 in the Customer Claims category that have Quality selected as keyword, compared to the number of documents with the same criterion April 2017. 

  • Product Innovation
  • Mar 20 2018
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