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Geolocalization of accesses

Hello everybody,

more and more our customers are interested in the topic of security.

So they ask for geolocation of accesses.

That is, in addition to knowing the IP address from where the access was made, they would like to know from which country / city it was made.

The request is quite obvious, try to check for unwanted logins.

In practice, it would be advisable for the function already present on Therefore Console that shows active users, to be accompanied by the IP address of the machine and relative geolocation.

Please see the excel file.

  • Adriano Vertua
  • Sep 22 2022
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  • Adriano Vertua commented
    14 Oct 09:02am

    I add an example of advanced signature with geolocation. That is, the most advanced signature systems are able to indicate where the signature has been affixed through absolute coordinates.