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Snap to grid for Workflow

Creating a beautiful workflow makes it easier to change or troubleshoot in the future. Workflows are seen by users in the Workflow History, so having a nice looking workflow is essential for a good user experience. Currently, it can be very time consuming to make various workflow tasks align and get all the transitions to be straight. A snap to grid function would allow tasks to be placed on a grid, ensuring a nicer looking, and thus easier to read workflow.

  • Jennifer Schmitt
  • Jun 15 2022
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  • Jennifer Schmitt commented
    27 Jun 05:44am

    It would also be helpful to be able to view the category and keyword dictionary while designing a workflow.

  • Martin Brueggemann commented
    24 Jun 11:38am


    It's tedious to align the arrows, sometimes even error-prone.

    IMHO Jira gives a nice example of a simple yet powerful solution here

  • Stucki Daniel commented
    24 Jun 08:04am

    And AD/Folder based structure Comany/Department/Users

  • Beat Ebner commented
    21 Jun 06:16am

    Label fields would also be nice.

  • Jennifer Schmitt commented
    19 Jun 05:59pm

    This would save A LOT of time when configuring workflows!

  • Verdi R-D commented
    16 Jun 05:13pm

    This along with a better algorithm for arrow alignment would be wicked!