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Eform Submission PDF name

Hi, Recently I create simple eForm,

I save in my categorie, datas and the Eform submission PDF with the script line "EForm.IncludeFormPDF = True"

The PDF is save with submission.pdf name and there's no possibilities to set the name of this document without use workflow.

It would be awesome to add feature to set/change name of the document we're saving (for Eform or indexation profile or even Email)

  • Etienne Baillieul
  • May 12 2022
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  • Verdi R-D commented
    16 May 05:45pm

    Pardon my ignorance but what is the value in changing the file name of the form submission pdf? These submissions are really only useful if you wanted to follow up the e-Form with an automation or by printing.. Neither of which care about the file name. Exporting allows for a file name change as well.

    I get that there's reasons why you might want to change the file name for cosmetic reasons but I don't get where it would actually provide value.

  • Guest commented
    12 May 01:47pm


    yes is good for me.

    best regards

  • Michel Dehem commented
    12 May 01:37pm

    Good idea

    and also be able to name with information retrieved in Eform.