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Content Connector Be able to select > Pause, Restart, Stop and Prioritize input directories

Hello teams

Idea for improvement

Situation :

The Therefore content Connector is a very powerful tool and we use it more and more often.

It is used to import large batches of documents in several categories, update reference tables, and more

Disadvantage :

With all the workload,

It can take a long time to process the documents.

For example,

After the integration of a 60,000 line customer referencial, the other documents were pending.

It took 24 hours.

We couldn't find a way to pause the integration.

Everything was blocked until the end of the integration customer referencial.

it's annoying problem.

Proposals :

On input directories

Be able to select > Pause, Restart, Stop

Prioritize input directories

  • Michel Dehem
  • May 10 2022
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  • Etienne Baillieul commented
    10 May 02:43pm

    Great idea ! It would be awesome to prioritize input folder or even could set calendar to run only during night some directories