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Clone document feature

Many times when creating requests which includes lots of index data, would be useful to create the new Therefore document by cloning an existing one. As an additional option could be to clone only index data or with the stored files. Expected behaviour: 1. From the hit list, right click on an document and select clone document 2. Pop-up where user can select Index Data and/or Files are included. 3. Pop-up index data window to be able to modify loaded index data if necessary.

  • David Marossy
  • May 5 2022
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  • Verdi R-D commented
    13 May 05:06pm

    It's a bit more work than having everything in Navigator but if you open the document in Viewer you can File > Save As a copy of the existing document back to the same (or other) category.

  • Jake Gardner commented
    9 May 07:18pm

    Have you tried using the templates feature?

    You can open the document in the viewer and select the template and it can prepopulate the index data.

    Also a workflow with an export document task. Then the content connector to suck it back in.